Long before West Coast Choppers stole it, the original Coastal Pirates used the “X” to designate where the treasure was buried. So it's only fitting that the Pirates' lone Championship for 2003 — that was buried beneath a tumultuous season — utilize this symbol. This shirt features a huge logo across the back with “Champions” emblazoned one direction and “Coastal Pirates” bisecting it reading downwards. The same “X” is repeated smaller on the shirt's front center (touch Pam to view the front – she's just below the Game 2 “Skulls” on the right), leaving no doubt that you were part of the team's dynasty. The popularity of this shirt is undeniable, as proven by the Pam Anderson sightings where she's seen sporting this trendy tee. But you better order yours fast, or you might find them “swept” out of stock — the same way the Pirates won the best-of-3 series.

( also in XXXL — if you're Pam )