In the Summer of 2011, the GoodSports USA Sunday League was reorgranized and the existing teams were broken into four equal squads to make the games more competitive. Although many of the original Sunday Pirates still play in this newly-formed Sunday Draft League, only a few are on the same roster. Thus ended nearly two decades of continuous Coastal Pirate team play in a New Jersey Sunday League.


FALL 2012

#1 vs. Phantoms
lost 4-2
#2 vs. The Hurt
lost 5-2

#3 vs. Looters
won 7-3

#4 vs. Jaguars
lost 4-2
#5 vs. St. Bruins

won 3-2

#6 vs. Phantoms
won 3-1
#7 vs. Looters
10pm, 10.17.12
bye week, 10.24.12
#8 vs. St. Bruins
7pm, 10.31.12
Playoffs vs. tba
bye week, 11.07.12
time tba, 11.14.12
Playoffs vs. tba
time tba, 11.21.12

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