SHOOTS: Rightt
HEIGHT: 5’10”
BORN: Eatontown, New Jersey
LIVES: Eatontown, New Jersey
ACQUIRED: Restricted free agent (2000) from the Geriatrics
BIO: It would be incorrect to say that the Pirates gelled as a team since Brian joined the Wednesday roster. Sure, they have picked up two Championship trophies in that time, but they also lost a few. It would also be incorrect to state that Brian has the most-feared slapshot in the league (perhaps in his dreams he does), but definately not in the league. Brian, who never likes to talk about himself or blow his own horn, is probably best known for his face-off acumen. It is reported that he once played an entire game without losing a faceoff (though no one really knows if this is true or just one of those hockey “myths”). Stan Fishler reported in his most recent book, “The Hockey Bible: Rollerhockey Edition,” that Brian is vastly under rated when it comes to his stick work. Unselfish with the puck, he always looks to feed his linemates before taking a shot himself. According to Fishler (page 23), “If it wasn’t for that fact that there are so many players out there that are better then him he would be playing in the NHL right now.” Besides his contributions to the team “on the floor,” Brian writes the Wednesday night edition of the “Coastal Pirate Newsletter.” Equally at home navigating the keyboard as skating around defenseman, Brian provides a weekly overview of the events of the team and provides both encouragement and constructive criticism to all those who sit on the Pirate bench.
QUOTE: “Shoot the puck!”