(vol. 10W, no. 2; newsletter by b.n.)
In the interest of getting this newsletter out in the same month that the game was played, I will skip all the usual stuff and get right to the game. For our second game of the season we found ourselves up against our old nemesis — the Rhinos. The Rhino's were playing without their Captain, John Fontana, who apparently is taking a season off. In his place, they picked up another former Pirate, Nick G. They also had someone on their roster who was definitely not over 30, but I ain't making excuses ...

The 1st period started with the “O” line of Allen-LeMatty-Farkas who kept the puck in the Rhino end for their entire first shift. The pressure was continued by the other line of #67 and the Miller Brothers, but throughout the 1st period there was a lot of chances, but nothing to show for it. The “D” played strong with Roger, Glen and Dave keeping things going. Then, with just over 1:00 minute to go in the period, Bill McCann blasted one from the blueline through a sea of humanity for the score.

The Pirates got going in the 2nd when Roger fed a puck from the blueline to Scott who was camped-out behind the net; Miller worked the puck to the other Miller who scored, knotting it at 1-1. After that, I believe it was a bad clearing pass that gave the Rhino's the opportunity to once again take the 2-1 lead. On the ensuing faceoff, #67 won the puck back to Roger who skated from his "D" position into the Rhino's end and and rocketed a nice shot into the top corner for the 2-2 tie. The Pirates would score another and take the lead, when Glen Chambers passed the puck to Evan who muscled the puck past the goalie for his second of the night (and his second goal wearing his new #97 Coastal Pirate Jersey). Things got ugly from there though; the Rhinos were able to answer back and score back-to-back rebound goals before the 2nd period break (including one by former Pirate Nick G) to regain the 4-3 lead.

The 3rd was a rough and tumble period, but the Pirates could not seem to get it done. In one shift, the “ALF” line had what seemed to be six or seven quality shots in a row, but somehow the goalie was always there to make the save. Later in the period, LeMatty had a breakaway, but was stuffed on his backhand attempt. With time running out and Harris sitting out for the extra skater, the other Scott had his own breakaway and he too was stuffed going for the five-hole. As if things weren't bad enough, the Rhino's got one into the empty net as time expired.

LOST 5-3


For his 2-goal night (and 3 goals in his first two games as a Pirate — but who's counting?)

For hard work and aggressive forechecking.

For “taking the plunge!”