(vol. 10W, no. 8; newsletter by b.n.)
You gotta be kidding me. Another game ... another tie. That makes five for the season. For all those that are paying attention, I would suggest that everyone start practicing their breakaways, because I am willing to bet that our next playoff game is going to end up in a shoot-out. Do I have to write about another tie? I guess I must. Our final game of this bizarre season was against our new archrivals — the Rhinos. Former Pirate Nick Garguilo has taken over the reigns of them from another former Pirate, John Fontana (who has mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth).

The game had a late start due to the fact that the Rhino goalie walked into the rink with just about 2:00 minutes remaining in the previous game. The starting offensive line consisted of the Brothers Miller with Chris. On defense was the Birthday Boy and Glen Chambers. The second line consisted of LeMatty-Farkas-Allen while on the blueline was Russ and the former center #67 (boy has his season really tanked, but that is a subject for another newsletter).

The Rhino's would get out to the early lead when Nick G. broke in on the left wing and made a centering pass to a streaking Rhino who (even though he was covered by Chris G.) was able to put his stick on the puck and redirect it past Harris for the 1-0 lead. Later in the period it looked like things would be evened-up when Allen picked-up a loose puck to the goalie's left side, but the bullet he fired hit the left post and bounced to the boards.

Even though there were only two goals scored in the whole game, I am uncertain which period we scored in. The play centered around a shot by Russ that blasted Chris in the chest; the puck dropped to the floor and worked its way to Scott Miller who fired it again for the score to even things up at 1-1. I think this event took place in the first, but then again, it could have been the 3rd. (I'm sure Harris will fill in the correct period in this space: 2nd).

If that was all the happened, I would be done right now, but there was a few other events that took place that need to be covered. At some point in the 2nd period, Evan Miller joined Dave Matthews on the injured reserve when he hurt his ribs. How that happened is beyond me, but before the period was out, the Pirates were down to three “D” as #67 moved back to center.

The save of the game occurred when the Rhinos jumped out on a 3 on-2 break. Unfortunately, Russ' skate wheel took this opportunity to explode which twisted his ankle around and sent him to the floor in agony; almost simultaneously, Glen Chambers slipped and fell as he turned to skate around backwards. So suddenly the 3-on-2 was a 3 on-0 and unlike the 3-on-0 demonstrations in the All-Star Superskills competition, these guys weren't required to pass the puck three times before they could shoot. Harris was up the challenge though and made a number of pointblank saves before help could finally arrive. When the puck was finally cleared by the Pirates, the game was stopped so Russ could be carried off the floor. Russ was able to return later in the game, but it took him an awfully long time to get dressed and who knows how he was able to drive his stick shift BMW home.

That's it! The longest regular season has finally come to an end!

TIE 1-1


For playing his best game yet as a 39-year-old (and he saved a beer for Brian when he joined the “meeting” late).

For his “very strong night.” Whenever he lets in only one goal he gives us a great chance to win.

For his strong — and most physical — defensive game yet. Great play all night, but especially during the 4:00 minutes of penalty-killing in the 3rd period.