(vol. 11S, no. 4; newsletter by c.g.)
Throughout history there have been many movements labeled as a “Solidarity Movement.” It is defined as a group working together towards a common goal — not based on the strengths of the individuals, but of the group working together. I can think of no better words to describe how this Coastal Pirates season is unfolding.

While it may be too early to label a season, it certainly seems as though something is a little different in “Pirate Land.” For starters, the Pirates are winning — and not just pulling out victories, but winning with a little bit of breathing room. Remember, this is a group that usually squeaks into the playoffs, and then finds a cohesiveness when the chips are down. If you look at the stat page at the team website, you would see that the points are spread throughout the team; it is no longer simply a case of one or two guys carrying the scoring load. Our Captain has regained his scoring touch and skates with a reborn swagger; our defense is playing like it is an insult to let up a goal; the Forwards are jumping into the play and hustling to all the loose pucks; and of course Harris is playing the same steady game that gives us the opportunity to win on any given night. To me there is a new found unity on the rink, on the bench, and even at the “meetings.” Is it the result of the way we are playing or are we playing as a result of this new found unity? Will it continue? Who knows for sure ...

As for Sunday's game, you guessed it, we won. Ahead 2-0 after the 1st, and then 4-1 after the 2nd, and finally 6-3 to wrap it up. The game was exemplified by alot of hustle and smart play. Russ got his first goal early in the 1st with a blast from the point. The Pirates strongly killed-off a powerplay midway through the period, that was followed by Scooby's first goal of the new Fall season that beat the goalie only moments after the teams got back to full strength. In the 2nd, Scott LeMatty set up one of the prettiest goals of the night as he fed a streaking Dan DiPierro for a shot that left the goalie flat-footed as the puck found the far, upper-corner. Scooby added his second tally of the night less than a 1:00 minute later, causing the Bad Boys to burn a time-out early in the period in an effort to regroup. Glenn Farkas and Russ finished out the scoring in the 3rd for the victory.

The commitment to defense and getting to loose pucks contributed heavily to this victory. It will be interesting to see if we can continue with our winning ways ...

WON 6-3


The Scooby of '96 is back, as he nets a couple of pretty goals.

For a hell of a blast (we'll be nominating that one for an ESPY).

Solid, solid, solid.
'nuff said.