(vol. 11S, no. 6; newsletter by c.g.)
The Sunday Pirates laced-up for a game this week against the Jaguars A/B (this team rotates members through on a weekly basis so you are never really sure which team you are facing). This week's addition of the Jaguars also featured “backup” goalie John Arena. Not to be outdone, the Pirates provided their own “backup” goalie in the form of Doug Collimore, a late call-up, when Harris mysteriously was unavailable for the game (we hope this is not another Fleury-type incident, but a source has indicated the team will be weighing all factors before deciding on any type of disciplinary action). Also missing from the lineup was Tim “Ralz” Hand (most of you should remember him, if not check the website for his picture); the questions surrounding Tim's whereabouts were a topic of early conversation as the questions ranged from “Is he sick/injured/seeing Springsteen?” — no one ever had the answer. I won't even mention the “suspended” Pirate (even though I just did, Doh!!). So, the Pirates skated-out with nine skaters and a goalie to face a Jaguar team that (according to the GoodSports Website) had not won a game in their four previous outings, and only scored a total of five goals in those losses.

The 1st period opened with Wildman-Goione-DiPierro backed by a rotation of Russ-Scooby-Farrell. The second line was made up by Farkas-LeMatty-Weiss (yes, Roger had gotten his wish — for this night at least — and made the jump to the other side of the blueline). That's about all I can think of that was good about the 1st period. I'm not even sure how, but before we knew it the Jaguars had a commanding 3-0 lead.

Things settled down to start the 2nd period as Roger took advantage of his reassignment by chipping-in a rebound off a Glenn Farkas shot. Russ immediately called a time-out to the befuddlement of both the Jags and the refs (causing one ref to ask if he realized it was only the 2nd period); he did of course, but he said he had a plan (I'm not going to mention it here, because my guess is Russ may want to use this tactic again, but let's just say it was a good plan). Immediately following Roger's goal, Russ would put number two behind Arena following a beautiful setup by Scott LeMatty; as he weaved through several Jag defenders and drew Arena towards him, Scott dished the puck off to Russ for the tap in. LeMatty would continue his strong play as he received a pass from Farrell and buried the puck to complete a three-goal Pirate period which saw us close to within one of the Jaguars, 4-1.

After a shaky start Doug Collimore tightened up and played some great hockey. There were a number of odd-man rushes through the final two periods that Doug was able to turn away. The tandem of Goione-Wildman would team up for the tying goal in the 3rd, as both players poked the puck to each other trying to create a breakaway opportunity; when John finally corralled the puck, he had the option of shooting or passing as the 2-on-0 developed. Arena made a move to cover the pass, and Wildman squeezed the puck through his pads for the tying score. The Pirates had a bunch of chances to complete the improbable comeback, but just couldn't get one more to go in before time expired. The game ended in a 4-4 tie — which was a great salvage of a point in the standings — after a devastating start.

TIE 4-4


For a ton of hustle. He stepped-up and led the comeback with a goal and an assist.

For his 2 points on the evening and the goal that got it all started.

For his great play all night, and for putting home the tying game-tying goal.