(vol. 11S, no. 8; newsletter by c.g.)
Then came the Flukes.

Less than two weeks ago the Pirates dismantled the Fukes' sister team and took an unexpected —but well-earned victory — over the Wednesday night O'Neills. That was not going to be the case on this particular Sunday evening, however. If you just look at the scoresheet you would say the Pirates got an old fashion ass-whooping; you would, in fact, be half right, but you would also be half wrong. Because, although the final score reads Flukes 10, Pirates 0, that really only tells part of the story.

The Flukes got two goals early, on what seemed like two identical shots by their speedy right winger. But the Pirates fought hard and held the Flukes to those two goals through the first 29:00 minutes. The Flukes did not score goal number three, until there was less than 1:00 remaining in the 2nd period. So at the end of two periods, the game was still within reach with the Pirates trailing by three going into the 3rd.

Now granted we did not look like world beaters for the first two periods, but we were certainly looking respectable. Then something happened. The Flukes got another few early goals and the whole thing just sort of steamrolled from there as the Flukes had a seven-goal 3rd period. You could blame this loss on a lot of things, but in the final analysis I think they just wanted it more. Maybe a humbling loss can add a spark to a Pirates team that'll head into the playoffs next week. Putting this loss behind us quickly will be paramount for our Semifinal matchup — a game that truly matters in an otherwise strong season.

LOST 10-0


(none awarded)