(vol. 12S, no. 2; newsletter by c.g.)
The Pirates faced-off against the Zombies this past Sunday, for the second game of the Winter 2002-2003 season. The Zombies seem to have become somewhat of an interdivisional rivalry for us, since we played them three times last season, and are scheduled to meet them twice this season (not counting a possible post-season matchup). So how did this big rivalry game go this past Sunday? We were already “down” to begin the evening, as only seven of the 11 skaters on the roster were in attendance. The increased ice time seemed to take a toll, as by the end of the game we were being just plain out-hustled.

It appeared it was going to be a decent outing as atheist period began as the Pirates controlled play to begin the game. Unfortunately playing well and not registering any goals is often a recipe for disaster, and that was definitely the case here. Before the 1st period was over the Zombies had a three goal lead (one of those off a powerplay, and one off a crashing the crease rebound with less than :45 seconds remaining in the period). They might have had three goals, but — as the shiny, new scoreboard perched high above Harris showed — the Pirates had a big fat zero under the word “HOME.”

The 2nd period started off well as Glenn Farkas scored a wraparound powerplay goal (with an assist going to Wildman). The Pirates then drew within a goal as Russ tallied our second powerplay goal of the evening by burying a pass from Roger to make it a 3-2 game. The Zombies quickly came back, however, as they knocked in yet another rebound to stretch their lead back to two goals, 4-2

The 3rd period was either going to make us or break us — since up until this point we were still playing well, but just not getting the breaks. It appeared this was not to be our night as the Zombies netted the next goal to take back their commanding three-goal lead, 5-3. Shortly after though, Scott “The Bull” LeMatty worked his usual around- the-board magic and scored unassisted to make it once-again a two-goal game, 5-3. Just as Scott's goal had suddenly-lifted the team, Pirate tragedy struck with 6:00 minutes remaining; Russ, who entered the season needing surgery on his injured shoulders, collided with Brian Newcomb when both were racing for a loose puck. Next thing you know the whistle is blowing, and Russ is writhing on the surface in obvious pain. Hunched over and grimacing, Russ made his way to the locker room, as the Pirates were left to finish out the remainder of the game.

The Zombies took advantage of the deflated Pirates by adding another tally, but it was clear the thoughts of those remaining on the rink were with their wounded Captain. When players look back on this week's game they will see it as a loss in the win/loss column, but the real question may actually be how much did we lose in this game? Only time will tell ....

LOST 6-3


For strong play and positive leadership. His big goal in the 3rd might have been a tide-turner” if things had played-out differently.

For his great setup to Glenn for our first tally and playing strong on both sides of center ice.

For another tally – if this Glenn stays healthy and focused, he could put up some big numbers this season.