(vol. 12W, no. 3; newsletter by b.n.)
What is there left to say? I have perhaps said it all. It was nice to see some Pirates on the scoreboard early. Of course, it would have been a whole lot nicer if those Pirates hadn't been “ex-Pirates.”

So what could be more discouraging than losing to the Geriatrics to open the season? Well, picture the infamous beer-discarding BB dumping a loose puck into a wide-open net after Harris had made the first save. Can you imagine the Pirates turning the puck over in their own end and Nick Gargulio swatting a one-timer in to the right of Harris? Can you believe this could happen? The only thing that could make matters worse would be if our second favorite ref (Bobby would be the first) picked up a goal ... Well I guess it is worse; not only did our second favorite ref score, but he campaigned at the end of the game for a mention on the website. Yeah, that will happen. Our opponents on the night would score yet another goal, but I am uncertain who picked it up — and I'm certainly not going to give them the satisfaction of naming names even if we knew.

Trailing in the 3rd by the score of 4-0. The Pirates tried everything; finally it was Glenn Farkas playing a shift on “D” who was able to pick off a clearing pass and fire the puck into an open net for a score. Evan Miller would add a tally (assist to Keith) in the closing second(s) to make the final score almost respectable.

The Pirates now head into a two-week break. Hopefully the team that returns can turn things around from what has been an ugly opening of the season. Perhaps the only good news on the night was seeing Dan Pomphrey's back on the blueline, and “Coach” Russ' news that he may be back in the lineup when we return in 2003.

LOST 4-2


(none awarded)