(vol. 13S, no. 1; newsletter by t.h.)
Sunday's game was against a team that is “new” to the league. With components of the Sharks, they now go by the name Team USA. The only player I recognized was Nick who was once a Pirate. The Pirates started the game with the lines of Wildman-LeMatty-Ralz and Scooby-DiPierro-Farkas on offense and a three-man defensive rotation consisting of Russ-Roger-Mike. In net was substitute goalie Steve Carr who had just played a tough game against the Blackhawks in which he was pelted with shots.

It was evident from the beginning of the game that Team USA was not going to get the gold in this match. They had only two substitutes and had little offensive punch. Their only bright spot was their goalie who played an outstanding game. But enough about those guys — here's what the Pirates did ...

The scoring began midway through the 1st when the line of Wildman-LeMatty-Ralz brought the puck into the offensive zone and Wildman took a shot which the netminder saved; however, he left a juicy rebound and Scott was able to put it away for the 1-0 lead. This line struck again later on in the period when Wildman was able to break his scoring drought with a nice shot from the slot that beat the goalie stickside for the 2-0 lead at the end of one period (assist to Scott on the fed from behind the net).

In the 2nd period, this trio opened the lead to 3-0 when they brought the puck down low and another Wildman shot on goal slipped from one side of the crease to the other where Ralz was waiting; Ralz sent the shot back towards the goal and it went under the goalie and into the net for the three-goal lead. Glenn Farkas later added the fourth Pirate goal. The fifth and final Pirate goal started from a Russ pass from our defensive circle to Ralz who was near the red line; Ralz couldn't corral the puck for the breakaway and it ended-up going deep into the right circle. When he finally chased it down, he heard Mike calling for the puck— his pass gave Mike a breakaway with the goalie out of position and Mike easily banged the puck into the net with only 1:00 minute remaining in the 3rd.

Steve Carr, who posted his first shutout in-between the posts for the Pirates, made several comments during the first and second intermissions praising our defensive corps who really shut down any offensive production by the opponent. And, of course, when he needed to make the saves, he did.

WON 5-0


For giving the Pirates a shutout (and not giving up 2-3 goals in the last :90 seconds).

For his 3-point evening and crafting the newsletter in the absence of our usual correspondent!

What else can you say about this guy?