(vol. 13S, no. 10; newsletter by h.s.)
If #67 was to craft this newsletter it would have have began: “The last time these two teams faced-off in the last game of the season, it was for all the marbles. Now the outcome of the game is meaningless. Well not really meaningless, but you get my point.”

But, alas, Bri volunteered a little too late to write this much-delayed summary — and he was actually playing against us on this particular night, thereby voiding his newsletter-writing privileges. So, without further ado, the “official-sanctioned” version:

This newsletter is being written three weeks after the Pirates took the ice for their final game of the Sunday Spring Season — a consolation game after being routed in the Semifinals, The details of the game are sketchy (possibly due to the puck in the head I took last night), but I still remember it being a great game — one that we played with as much intensity as any of our playoff appearances.

Dan DiPierro's goal in the 1st period held as the game's only tally for nearly 40 minutes. Unfortunately (as season-after-season has proven), something seems to happen in the last precious minutes — or seconds — of these type of games; in this case, former-Pirate Rob Armswood was able to muscle a slapshot from just outside the face-off circle that found it's way beneath my arm for the tying goal with just over 2:00 minutes remaining.

A tie to end the season, but considering a shortened bench and a “game that didn't matter,” it was an inspired outing ... and at least TPOC didn't score.

TIE 1-1


For using his head to block a slapshot. 'Nuff said.


From an email: “One goal allowed against a very good offense.”

For the only tally of the evening.