(vol. 13S, no. 1; newsletter by b.n.)
The new season for the Wednesday Pirates began this past March 5, 2003. Our opponents were the Phantoms — a team we have not beaten since our loss in the Championship a few games back. With the new season came a “new look” to the team; gone was the whining, malcontent Roger Weiss, and also gone from the roster was the feisty Glenn Farkas. New to the roster (returning actually) was the mild-mannered Wildman. Someone else returned to the team, but I forget who; I tend to get the Sunday and Wednesday teams mixed up, so I forget who is new and who is not.

The new season opened with The Miller Brother on “O” with Dave Matthews!? Dave Matthews on “O”? How the heck did that happen? No, Dave did not get a case of the “Rogers” — it just so happened that the offense had only five skaters so Dave was pushed up for offensive duties (and offensive is clearly the right word to used when it comes to his skill on “O”). On “D” there was Glen Chambers, Keith Richardson and the formally-forgotten but now remembered Scooby who completes the “new/returning” player roster.

So what happened in the game? Well as everyone knows, the Phantoms have two guys on the team: the guy Roger used to formerly refer to as “Arroyo” (now referred to as “Tommy”) and the other guy who can outskate our entire team. Some games those two can blow us out all by themselves. The game opened with strong play by the Pirates and the puck seemed to be in the Phantom end constantly. Unfortunately, the Pirates were unable to convert on many of their splendid chances.

The scoring got started in the 2nd, however, when the speedy guy was able to get the puck past Harris on a rebound.

The speedy guy got another one later in the 3rd and the Pirates would find themselves in a 2–0 hole. In reality it could have been a lot worse, because even though Harris was coming off a long layoff (where the backup goalies turned in some stellar performances), he was able to pull-off a number of great saves — including one on a breakaway by the speedy guy. The offense continued to have great chances as the puck was constantly in the Phantom end again, but the Phantom goalie was having a great game of his own. The Pirates finally got one past him though when #67 won a face-off in the offensive zone back to Scooby, who blasted it in for the score. (Though it may have been tipped-in by either Wildman or Chris). The Phantoms would put the game away late in the 3rd however when “Arroyo/Tommy” picked-up a tally for the 3-1 lead. Not quite a blowout, but once again those two were able to beat us.

Not quite the way you want to open a season, but a heck of a lot better then opening last season by losing to the Geriatrics.

LOST 3-1


He shoots, he scores!