(vol. 14S, no. 6; newsletter by c.g.)
Well, Games 5 and 6 from the Sunday season's summer schedule, have come and gone with little fanfare for the Pirates. In back-to-back weeks, the Pirates dropped games without hardly a whimper.

First it was the Jaguars “A” who dominated by always leaving a man at the blueline and fed breakaway after breakaway on substitute goalie Doug Collimore. Doug actually played a very good game despite the barrage, and the game somehow seemed closer than the 5-2 score indicated.

In the pasting that was Game 6, the Blizzard just took it to us. Whether you want to call it bad breaks or lucky bounces, they beat the Pirates to every loose puck, controlled play the entire evening and got ample opportunities on substitute goalie Steve Carr. Ralz scored the only goal with 1:00 minute remaining (assist to Farkas) in an otherwise forgettable night.

The Pirates get a week off to snap their losing streak with no games scheduled for this Independence Day weekend, and will look to come back hungry against the Jaguars “B” (whatever that means) when play resumes on the 13th.

LOST 4-1


(none awarded)