(vol. 14S, no. 7; newsletter by c.g.)
They say good things come to those who wait, but alas this newsletter will put one more old Wives' Tale down the drain. For what you see before you is Sunday's Newsletter from three — yes three — weeks ago. For those of you who are keeping track out there, this was a game we played against the Jaguars “B” (whatever that means) and lost 4-2. As one can imagine by now most of the memories of the game are long, long gone. I do remember Russ scoring a really nice goal as he held on to the puck until the goalie went down, and then backhanded the puck up-and-over him from a tough angle; it was a goal that even Russ didn't think was gonna go, but since it did, it was definitely memorable.

We were in this game right until the 3rd as the Jaguars were holding a narrow 3-2 lead. The Pirates worked a powerplay beautifully with crisp passing until Russ found a teammate (who shall remain unnamed) all alone for the onetimer with an open net; The unnamed player (who recently changed his number to 19), proceeded to whiff on the setup and the Pirates' powerplay dissolved along with the great chance to tie it up.

The Pirates would find themselves back on the powerplay with :45 remaining; along with the extra skater for our pulled goalie, the Pirates had a two-man advantage for the finale. Confusion on the final line change, however, resulted in the Jags winning back the face-off and Gucci added his third of the night with a rink-long shot for the emptynetter.

Just another loss in a season of tough losses. This was a winnable game that we weren't able to get. In the end, this was not one of those good things, even though you all had to wait an awfully long time for it ...

LOST 4-2


(none awarded)