(vol. 15S, no. 8; newsletter by c.g.)
The Coastal Pirates faced-off against the top-rated Flukes in a game that could really only be termed “a mess.” We had several no shows (you know who you are and S.O.C. will be enforcing the six-imported-beer-fine to the perpetrators), and Kevin didn't show until midway through the 2nd period to bring us to a grand total of seven skaters.

We were in the game for the 1st period and a half, as the Flukes could only muster a 2-0 lead until this point — then the team just ran out of gas. The Flukes shelled Doug Collimore (who probably saw more shots than he would normally see in two games). The only highlight of the night was the lone goal scored by LeMatty; on the play Richardson busted in down the wing and fed Scott in front for the nice one-timer. The final score was an ugly 6-1, but it could even have been worse.

LOST 6-1


(none awarded)