(vol. 15W, no. 4; newsletter by k.r.)
Like the swashbucklers of yore looking for buried treasure, the Coastal Pirates are digging themselves a big hole. Between Sundays and Wednesdays, the last couple of weeks have brought efforts which shown us playing down to the competition. Such was the case against the Wave. It was not a bad effort — we had our chances and two of their three goals were flukes: Their first goal was caused by a “rut” in the floor causing the puck to jump over Harris' stick and resulting in a bad clear (how was that Harris?), and the third goal which was clearly covered but was forced in after what should have been a whistle. But we are capable of playing better and this was a team we should have beaten.

The 1st period was an up-and-down affair with the only thing of merit to happen was the now-infamous “rut” goal. The Pirates skated with nine players (missing on Dave Matthews). On the back line was the rotation of Mike F.-Russ-Keith, while upfront was Chris, The Miller Boys, Allen, Wildman and #67. The period concluded with #10 of the Wave receiving a ten-minute misconduct that just disappeared at the start of the 2nd.

The Pirates picked up their play a bit in the 2nd period. After falling behind 2-0, they finally got on the board when Mike let one go from the point; when the puck finally got to the keeper it rebounded to Wildman who's shot in turn went to Chris for the one-timer powerplay goal. Goione seemed to be all-around the goal, both with the puck and with his ass. He was called for moving the net three times (what's up with that? maybe we should practice stopping, huh?). In what seem to be a combo that is getting more frequent, Miller from Miller made it a tie 2-2 game. Then, in what turned out to be the most emotional part of the contest, the Pirates fell behind again while killing a penalty on a goal that should have been blown dead; the puck sat under Harris for around :05 seconds while a Wave player stood there making a shish-kA-bob out of Harris' privates. When all was said and done it was 3-2 Wave; Keith's face was marked-up; and the Wave player who scored was thrown out of the game.

On to the exciting 3rd period. Brian scored to tie the game (assist to Mike and Russ). That's all that happened. I don't remember much of the goal — sorry — but it's nice when we see #67 score. If Scott the referee is reading this, we didn't mean to gang up on you after the 2nd — it was just that you were sitting so close by in our penalty box.

TIE 3-3


For the game-tying goal and not writing this newsletter so we could receive it in a more timely fashion.

For his 2-point night and talking Russ into smoking the Maduro cigar (which he nearly gagged on).

For his first goal of the season (or was it Evan?). No, it was Scott. Er, maybe it was Evan ...