(vol. 16S, no. 2; newsletter by c.g.)
Sitting on the bench on a cold snowy night in December getting pasted by the Bruins, Brian Newcomb turns to me and says,“Well at least I don't have to write the newsletter.” With that statement Brian pretty much summed-up my feelings — writing the newsletters are a somewhat thankless task, that is OK when you're winning, but kinda stinks when you're losing. The worse the loss the more you really don't feel like reliving it when you try to put some thoughts on paper. So how did the Pirates “A” Division debut go? Overall it is was hard game to sum up — at times we played well, and at times just atrocious.

The Pirates began the game missing four skaters; two of them were expected since they informed Harris, and two of them were just ”no shows” (the S.O.C. has since handed-out the appropriate fines — a 6-pack of imported beer — to the offenders). The four missing were Kevin, Ralz, Jimmy and Wildman; “luckily” Newcomb was on hand to bring the roster to seven skaters for the evening, even though this was his third game of the night. The Pirates put in a spirited 1st period and trailed only 1-0 at the intermission. The period was highlighted by superb goaltending as Harris stopped second and third pointblank shots, diving all over the crease. He made a glove save on Gugliemelli that he had no business making, and was just plain solid. The defensive tandem of Richardson and Nicolosi did a good job of keeping the Jags, oops Bruins, at bay; meanwhile, the forwards were putting pressure on Casey and you could sense he would be letting one by if the pressure could be sustained.

Early in the 2nd period, #19 tied the game when Richardson threw a puck in front that Casey tried to poke away; instead he poked it right to #19 who backhanded it past a visibly-frustrated Casey. The Pirates again played a strong period limiting the Bruins to just one additional goal for the 2-1 lead at the second intermission. Harris was again stellar in the net, and the team, while not dominating, was showing it was at least competitive.

In the 3rd period things just kinda fell apart. Guys started running all over chasing the puck and the hustle to get back on defense was all but gone. The Bruins took advantage as they knocked in four rebound goals before the final buzzer.

This was by no means a game we should have won, but the Bruins were also short players and we would have liked to have a better outing. One thing is clear: In the “A” Division if we don't play smart, position hockey we are going to lose a bunch of games. These teams are too talented four us to run around with wingers leaving their points wide-open and our centers not coming back to help the defense.

Until next week's outing against Team Micro, here's a little game to keep you busy. You can get your frustrations out as you toss that jolly old elf for points. I think 350.4 is the max, but I have heard of people tossing into the 400s:
click here for Santa-tossing game

LOST 6-1


(none awarded)