(vol. 16S, no. 4; newsletter by c.g.)
The Coastal Pirates foray through the “A” division has been a little bumpy to say the least. This time the Pirates lined-up against the Red Stars and — having been outscored 12-2 in the two previous games — were looking to tally a few, and maybe even squeak out a win. The Red Stars are the former Flukes/O'Neill's and since we have had some mild success against them in the past, hopes were high.

Needless to say, this game followed form of the others we have played this season: The Red Stars mounted a big early lead and held on for what would be an easy win. The Red Stars just seemed to be a half-step quicker to each loose puck and played with an intensity we have not yet acquired. Russ and Kevin picked up some goals late, but the gap was too large to overcome and the result wasn't much better than the other games, as the Pirates were handed a disheartening 7-3 loss.

LOST 7-3


(none awarded)