(vol. 16S, no. 5; newsletter by c.g.)
This week the Pirates lined-up against the old Flyers who, like the Red Stars the week before, were sporting new uniforms and a revised roster. The Pirates had ten skaters but only three “true” defenseman; so #19 volunteered and made his defensive debut alongside Richardson. The other defensive pairing was the always steady pair of Nicolosi-McLaughlin. The forward lines consisted of Ferraro-LeMatty-Farkas and the Ralz-Wildman-DiPierro.

The 1st period started off with a flurry for the Bulldogs when they scored 1:00 minute into the game on a tough rebound shot. Shortly after that, they would tally another when the puck careened solidly off #19's shinguards onto Richardson's stick and into the net. The Pirates were pressuring in the 1st, but couldn't get the pucks on net. The Bulldogs scored once more in the 1st on a slapshot from the point that beat Harris high stickside, giving them a 3-0 lead at the first buzzer.

Things settled down in the 2nd, as the Pirates defense tightened-up and their offense started to get some good chances. Harris (who played well early, but was the victim of some bad bounces) was playing great and staved-off many quality chances. Jimmy's line had at least two or three clean breakaway attempts, but couldn't get the puck to go; Wildman and Ralz were buzzing around the net, but also couldn't finish. Both teams were scoreless through the 2nd, though the Pirates were playing better.

The 3rd period saw the Pirates draw closer when Wildman took a shot from the far boards that Dan redirected on net for a pretty goal. The Bulldogs answered right back however, scoring an ugly 2-on-1 goal that restored their three-goal lead, 4-1. That's the way the game would wind up. The opportunities were there and — unlike our previous outings — we were definitely in this game; with a few breaks, the outcome may have been a bit different.

LOST 4-1


For tallying the lone Pirate goal of the night.