(vol. 16S, no. 7; newsletter by c.g.)
The Coastal Pirates continued the odyssey that is the “A” division with a rematch against the Bruins. The Bruins, for all intent and purpose, are the old Jaguars with a few improvements. I am pleased to say we won one this week. Okay, so it was only the dispute over who was going to have to wear white since both teams wear black normally. Yes I admit it is a small victory, but hey you take what you can get this season. So the Pirates — wearing their traditional black— took the rink to do battle.

The offense consisted of (birthday boy and sub) Newcomb-E. Miller-Wildman and the line of LeMatty-Ralz-Farkas. Oh, and before I forget, note to Wildman: Whatever time you decide to leave your house to make the long migration South, leave ten minutes earlier. The defense was a three-man rotation (due to Kev being in New England to cheer on the Pats) of Goione-Richardson-Russ and, of course, Harris was between the pipes. Had the game ended at 13:30, the Pirates would have skated away winners, as Keith drew first blood (assist to Farkas) when he beat Casey to give us the 1-0 lead. The Bruins jumped right back in, however, when “the player with the long reach” got around Russ and put one in backhanded on Harris. Before we knew it, they added a second goal and things weren't looking so good.

The 2nd period was even uglier as the Bruins started to really pour it on. The Pirates were unable to do anything right, and the Bruins capitalized, scoring three more goals before the period was over. The Pirates were playing hard, but the puck was bouncing away from them and right to the Bruins. The period ended with the Bruins ahead 5-1 and morale a little low on the Pirate bench.

The 3rd period saw the Pirates wake up a bit when LeMatty banged home a puck in the crease from a Goione shot from the point. The line would add another score from Keith off of a feed from LeMatty and Ralz. Suddenly the Pirates were back in the game at 5-3. Unfortunately,
“the player with the long reach” would make his presence felt again, when he used that reach to take a puck from Goione, leading to a breakaway which he scored on. Tim would add another Pirate goal on a tip-in from a Glenn shot, but the Pirates just couldn't come seem to close the gap as the two teams traded-off goals. While it may be a small victory, the Pirates again found some heart, and rallied for a short time to at least be in these “A” division games. Next week the Pirates face the undefeated Red Stars: It'll be the clash of the 7-and-0 team vs. the 0-and-7 team.

LOST 8-4


For cranking-up the offense with 2 goals.

For playing hurt and then putting himself in the line-of-fire as he blocked shot-after-shot on defense.

For his 2-point night.