(vol. 16W, no. 1; newsletter by k.r.)
The Wednesday Pirates opened the Winter season this week against the Wave. Judging by the number of players on hand at the start, not all the Pirates made it to ship on time. The seven “starters” were later joined by a duo of late arrivals, taking the total to nine skaters for the game. Call it a “Championship hangover,” from the night before (when the Sunday Pirates clinched the Title), because we did not seem to have that extra pop on this night.

From the start of the 1st seemed that we would be fighting an uphill battle with ourselves. The opponent for this game was the Wave and they had a full complement of players (if not extras) — this did not help us any. They tallied two relatively quick goals and this would be the closest we would come for the evening, as the final score was 5-3 for the Wave.

The Pirates scored just once in the 2nd on a goal by Scott Miller, on a great feed from Russ out of the left corner. Unfortunately, the Wave would also tally a pair widening the lead to 4-1 at the second buzzer.

The other Pirate tallies came in the 3rd: Dave and Scott fed Chris for our second goal; and the other Miller boy, Evan, took a pass from Wildman for our final tally of the night. With 1:00 minute remaining, the Wave started to take some liberties with the Pirates, however — specifically, Wildman. Wildman retaliated and the Pirates finally showed some emotion.

Brian was not at the game so for those of you that were looking for it, here it is: #67 #67 #67 #67 #67 #67 #67 #67

LOST 5-3


For his 2-point evening,
in spite of the Bronchitis that made him barely audible.

For skating like the wind on his third night of hockey in four days.

For some hard skating and a nice goal that (almost) began to get things moving for the Pirates.