(vol. 16W, no. 4; newsletter by b.n.)
Some days you have it.
Some days you don't.
Some times you feel like a nut.
Some times you don't.
Some games you win when score only 1 goal.
Most games you don't.
But by far ...
Most games you win when you allow only 2 goals.
Very few do you don't.

That pretty much covers it. The Pirates allowed the Jaguars to score two quickies early in the 1st, but were able to shut them out the rest of the game. That was not enough however, as the Jags carried that lead until late in the 3rd. Chris was flat out robbed in the 2nd on a save by Vic who was clearly on top of his game.

And I guess it is a good thing that Mike Farrell is still on the team as he finally put the Pirates on the board when he picked-up one of Wildman's rebounds and roofed it. That was it.

LOST 2-1


(none awarded)