(vol. 17S, no. 2; newsletter by b.n.)
For the second game of the Sunday season, the Pirates found themselves up against the Blackhawks. Surprisingly, a number of Pirates were AWOL and presumably afraid to face the feared Blackhawks. Scotty Lamatty? (Yeah, I know I spelled his name wrong, but maybe if he showed-up once in a while I would get it right). Where was I? Oh yeah, Lamatty? Missing. Presumed chickensh-t. Well, chickensh-t is probably too harsh a word. And besides, some people probably won't be able to view a web page with the word “chickensh-t” on it. You know, web filters and all. Ah, who cares. Besides the chickensh-t Scott L'mattey, there was another chickensh-t whose name is Dan DiPierro. I really don't know Dan well enough to call him chickensh-t, but he'll get used to it. Did I mention Wildman? He's only half chickensh-t — he showed up late, so we'll just call him sh-t.

For the rest of us courageous enough to face the Blackhawks, we were rewarded with a great 1st period effort. Chris Goione erased an early Blackhawk lead with a beautiful goal (assist to Wildman) to tie the game at 1-1.

The 2nd didn't go as well, but after the second buzzer the score was a still a respectable 3-1.

In the 3rd,
even though Glenn Farkas did add a tally (assist to Kevin), things started unraveling as the Blackhawks piled-on the goals. Even though the Blackhawks buried a bunch, Harris had a stellar night making many spectacular saves. However, I must admit, with the Blackhawks leading like 6-1, it was disturbing to see them winding-up and taking slapshots at Harris from 5-feet outside the crease. What do you call someone like that? Chickensh-t? Maybe chickenhawk is a better word.

LOST 7-2


(none awarded)