(vol. 17S, no. 7; newsletter by c.g.)
The Coastal Pirates lined-up against the Dire Wolves for what seemed like a rare “B” division game. History would indicate that this should have been a close match, with the Pirates having a good possibility of earning the victory. The Dire Wolves, however, took to the ice with a more potent squad than in the past — including Pirate-killer Darren G. (a.k.a. Gucci) and a fleet- footed offensive-defenseman named Brian Smith*. The rest of their squad looked upgraded as well, but those two additions appeared most menacing.

The Pirates came out strong, fighting-off the Wolves attack and netting a 1st period goal by the combination of Wildman and LeMatty. The Wolves played a physical style though, and kept pounding away at the Pirates (both figuratively, and literally) until they had amassed a 4-2 2nd period lead. The Pirates second goal of the evening came off the stick of Kevin, as he skated his way through the Wolves' team for the tally.

In the 3rd, the Wolves added another score to pull ahead 5-2 — giving them a comfortable lead with time running out. The Pirates tried in vain to draw closer, including adding a sixth skater with about 2:00 minutes remaining; unfortunately, that led to a Wolves emptynetter, that only made the loss seem even more lopsided.

*Brian Smith played on the Pirates first championship team ever back in '98 in Eatontown. The resulting loss of Brian Smith from the roster is known in the annals of Pirate history as our version of the “Babe Ruth trade,” as we got #67 in return.

LOST 6-2


(none awarded)