(vol. 17W, no. 1; newsletter by k.r.)
The Wednesday league opened against our old rivals (lets face it, this is an “Over 30” league so they are all old rivals) the Jags. Although we ended-up on the losing end, this was probably the most enjoyable game to be involved in yet: It featured good sportsmanship, great goaltending, and a lot of action.

The Pirates were missing just one skater on the roster and we played six forwards and three defensemen: Our forward lines consisted of
Russ centering the Miller Bros. and Wildman between Chris G. and Craig; on “D” Scooby (who made his return to the ice after his Michael Jordan-like retirement) rotated with Mike Farrell and Keith. Harris was out and replaced by Mike Braun.

There was no dominant flow to this game — it was just give-and-take between the two teams. The first Jags goal came off of a feed from Gucci on a 2-on-1 that was chipped just out of Mike's reach. The Pirates tried to tie it up, but were met by good goaltending. An emptynetter with less than 1:00 minute remaining ended the contest.  Even though it was a loss, if the Pirates continue this kind of effort, it will make for a successful season.

LOST 2-0


For allowing just 1 goal in his fill-in role.