(vol. 17W, no. 5; newsletter by k.r.)
About Wednesday's game: Look on the bright side. Yeah, the bright side ... (insert pregnant pause) ... For the first time in about three weeks the Pirates fielded a full bench of ten skaters; after the results, however, we may want to rethink this strategy. The only highlight of the evening was that Chris Goione was able to suit-up in just over 5:00 minutes to avoid getting trampled by the kids coming off the ice from the prior game — this was probably a first.

So, due to the lack of other highlights, this is going to be more of a rant than a newsletter. I am reluctant to list the roster for the game but I figure that when we play well we are all mentioned, so let's do the same for this bloodletting — if for nothing else than the embarrassment factor. The forward lines were Jimmy F.-The Miller Bros. and
Chris-Wildman-Craig Sudol (who, contrary to Scott Miller's firm belief, is not a radio jock); Keith-Brian N. and Russ-Dave M. were the defensive pairs. This is just this writer's opinion, but the only good plays of the night that I could see were a few from Brian and Dave M. Brian played well on defense (he positioned himself where he needed to be) considering he's a centerman by trade. As for Dave, I noticed a couple occasions where he busted his butt to get back into the defensive zone and break up some odd-man rushes. As for the rest of us the only thing worth mentioning came late in the 3rd period when #7 on the Red Stars felt that an 8-0 lead was a good time to take a few runs at some Pirates — down eight-to-zip, it was good to see teammates sticking up for one and other. Remember boys, to see the bright side we may have to strain a little.

LOST 10-0


(none awarded)