(vol. 18S, no. 4; newsletter by c.g.)
The Coastal Pirates met up with the Zombies and left with the big goose egg for the second straight week.

The short version goes like this: The Zombies scored one goal each period for the 3-0 win, against a Pirate team that played out of position all evening. Former-Pirate Rob Armswood joked in the parking lot about how they would sit back in their zone with the puck, and wait for the Pirates to skate out of position before sending the breakout pass (which was obviously pretty effective by the game's end result). His comments would have been offensive, if they weren't so darned on the money. It's hard to get anything going when the team plays as individuals chasing the puck around the rink like it were a Sunday “pickup” game. We have the talent to be a much better team than our record (0-4-0) would indicate, but it starts by playing position, and making our opponents work for their opportunities.

Truth be told we had our moments, and the Zombies' goalie did make some nice saves; but Harris has been playing as well as anybody, and we just need to cut down on our opponent's chances. Next up, a bye week — then the Blackhawks. If nothing else, hopefully we will put in a consistent team effort.

LOST 3-0


(none awarded)