(vol. 18W, no. 13; newsletter by b.n.)
There is no doubt in my mind that some people deserve better. Some people deserve worse too, but since I live in a politically-correct world, I would never admit that. You would think on a night when Harris pulls off a well-played shutout he would have the opportunity to read about in a timely manner — bask in the warm afterglow of success, if you will. But no. Because somebody didn't write the newsletter in a timely fashion all the great work by Scott Miller (who picked up goals in the 2nd and 3rd periods) and brother Evan (who scored in his return from injury) become just an afterthought. The newsletter gets filed and forgotten, overshadowed by next week's newsletter which, with any luck, will be filed more promptly.

In all seriousness though, the game against the Wave was a well-played affair. And here, for you purists, is the bare bones “tell it like it was” play-by-play (from #67's eyes of course): The Pirates scored a goal in the 1st after Keith fired a shot from the right point; the shot was low and and hard — perfect for redirecting into the net. Instead, however, #67 decided to stop the shot and fire the puck hard down low; that shot ricocheted off the shaft of Evan's stick for the score.

In the 2nd, it #67 picking-off a puck that looked to be heading out of the Wave's end; #67 worked the puck to Kevin at the right point who fired the shot on net — the Wave goalie made the save but Scott Miller was there to bury the rebound.

In the 3rd, Evan got the puck to his brother Scott who looked like he wanted to pass the puck to #67 who was wide-open in front of the net; instead he fanned on the pass and by doing so froze the goalie who could only watch helplessly as the puck just kind of skirted into the net. That was pretty much the game. As mentioned, Harris made a number of great saves to pick up his 20th career shutout — and his third of the season. Too bad he couldn't read about it sooner.

WON 3-0


For his 2-goal night.

For the GWG (the first goal won it for us) in his return from injury.

For the shutout.