(vol. 2S, no. 7; newsletter by h.s.)
One of my least favorite rivals, due to their chippy — even somewhat violent playing style — Howell Hockey did not disappoint last night when they came out swinging sticks and throwing bodies. A questionable referee call put them on the powerplay first and after a great kill for 1:30 of the penalty, they won a faceoff in our zone and scored down low. Ralz evened things up pretty quick, scoring on the next play. Not too long after, one of their forwards pinpointed a shot upper short post, from a non-existent angle, to give them a 2-1 lead at the first break.

Some great pressure by them forced a turnover in our zone at the start of the second, and they went up 3-1 — briefly — before Scott LeMatty fought his way down the ice and into their crease for a Pirate goal (credit to Ralz on the assist). Unfortunately, Scott got into a scuffle with their goaltender when he was hit after the score, and somehow Howell Hockey ended-up on the Powerplay again. This time we killed it without event. At the end of the period, one of their guys powered-up the boards and a quick wrist shot gave them the 2-goal edge again going into the second break.

They added a shorthanded goal in the 3rd, but Russ tallied his 9th of the season to keep the game at a 2-goal spread. Some terrific “D” kept the game even — including a great hustle by Gary to get back and break-up a breakaway. They added one more on bouncing puck scramble in our crease, but we played them tough right to the buzzer.

LOST 6-3


For his agressive two-way play and his cool headedness during some chippy moments.

For his goal + assist.

For getting back his hustle — more with every game and getting to every loose puck in their zone.