(vol. 2W, no. 10; newsletter by h.s.)
The Jags have always taken it to us during the regular season (a 6-2 loss on Wednesdays and a 12-0 loss on Sundays this past season), but we've managed to make a game of it during our playoffs. This week — with both teams at full-staff — we faced-off for the Wednesday League Championship.

The Jags jumped out with serious pressure at our end, but Dave, Scott, Roger and Big Jim Crowley held their own in our zone to keep them off the board on their barrages. On our first surge down ice, Wildman converted our first shot on goal at the 8-minute mark to give us a 1-0 lead. Two faceoffs later though, the Jags stormed our zone again and a low slapper through the crowd bounced off my blocker and a well-placed Jag got the rebound and slipped it in to tie it all up. Russ (who was playing forward this game) answered back a bit later and we took that 2-1 lead into the break.

A back-and-forth 2nd period, but the 2-1 score held despite intense Jag pressure at times.

More of the same action in the third, but Russ shuffled a give-and-go to Scott Lamatte who put the puck past the sprawling goalie for a 3-1 lead and a critical insurance goal for us. After that, the Jags turned it up a notch more but everyone answered the call. Great hustle by Glen Chambers, Allen and Brian to scoop up loose pucks at both ends and keep the Jags on the other side of the Red line. Chris used up some more precious clock with a terrific down-ice carry later on, and with only two minutes left it seemed all the legwork was paying off. With 1:00 minute remaining the Jags pulled their goalie and we came up big on the last couple of face-offs to silence them. in other words, WE FREAKIN' WON! nice job, guys.

WON 3-1


It sounds cliche, but this effort was as "team" as it gets. The 3rd period after we went up 3-1 was some of the greatest display of hustle and “shutting a team down,” I've seen. Stars to all ten of you.