(vol. 2W, no. 7; newsletter by h.s.)
Last night was a battle of the .500 teams (the Khan — or, more formally, the Ghengis Khan — of course were known as the “Geriatrics” before their new incarnation) with the winner getting bragging rights to a 4-3 record instead of a losing season. We swarmed from the first face-off, having ample scoring opportunities — including a quick-whistle that robbed us of a potential goal off a loose puck. Still, we remained gridlocked at zero through the 1st.

During the 2nd, Russ continued his streak, scoring off a mid-ice shot that skipped into the net. The Khan stepped up the physical play, rushing the net and mugging some Pirates. As a result, much of the 2nd and 3rd was spent either on the powerplay or killing penalites.

Our 1-goal held up right down to the final minutes, when The Khan pulled their goalie for the extra attacker. Big Jim Crowley saved a tying goal attempt when he cleared the puck from just outside the crease and then, soon after, he narrowly missed the net on his lofting, length of the ice shot. Scott Miller made a wise choice when he carried the puck up the boards to eat up more time, but still Ghengis Khan ended-up with possession in our zone with time running out. They stormed the net and tried to pry the puck out from under my leg pad, but the buzzer went off with the puck about 2” from the goal line.

WON 1-0


For lone goal-scorer of the night and for running away with the scoring title this season. And for shooting a puck into our own bench at about 110 mph.

For buzzing around like crazy last night and accumulating some quality scoring chances, and (more importantly) getting to beat his old team.

I'm taking a star — if for nothing else, then when I showed restraint for not kicking that guy's butt who stabbed me in the back late in the 3rd curing a scramble after the whistle.