(vol. 3S, no. 1; newsletter by h.s.)
From the moment the puck dropped we were on the attack (aided by the Jags' having only 4 guys until Gucci got his gear on and joined the fray at about the 12:00 minute mark). Tim seemed to be owning the area around the crease and was being fed a stream of pucks in the slot until he converted a great pass from Russ to give us the 1-0 lead.

The long-awaited “signing” of Dan Pomphrey and Scooby were worth the wait after their season-long holdout. Scooby made two incredible point blank blocks when he came back on “D” and ol' #44's (Dan) return to defense gave us the opportunity to put Scott LeMatty up on forward who was banging the boards something fierce. Wildman (who was fashionably late for the game), brought the energy-level up a notch in the 2nd, but we couldn't get that insurance goal.

In fact, the 1-0 score held deep into the 3rd period when there was a flurry of activity including more awesome passes to the slot (courtesy of gre at hustle by Farkas and Scooby), but the next score came when their center converted a face-off deep in our end with about 4:00 minutes left. The 1-1 tie was shattered when Russ — on the next face-off — weaved through the opposition and banged a wrister off the inside post. The euphoria of our 2-1 lead was put on hold when Russ collided with a Jag in our zone with :30 seconds remaining and got a “whiplash” effect when his head hit the ice. It was scary there as he was motionless, but he soon skated off (with some Jag and Pirate help) and said he should be in the lineup for Wednesday's game. With :26 left on the clock and a 2-1 game, the Jags were poised to make one more strike until Ralz took the puck after the face-off and scored his 2nd of the game.

WON 3-1


For two goals and determined play in front.

For the game-winner.

For sacrificing the body on those blocked shots!