(vol. 3S, no. 10; newsletter by h.s.)
The good news was that we had the lead for a lot longer than the Sabres — The bad news was the Sabres had the lead at the end, which is all that mattered.

Pretty much the high points of our game were the first goal by Glenn Farkas (gaving us a 1-0 lead that we carried deep into the 2nd) and three successful penalty kills (unfortunately, the Sabres got no penalties called on them so we never had our chance on the powerplay).

Two late Sabre goals inside the final two minutes of the 2nd period gave them a slim, 2-1 lead and we were never able to recover. We fought hard in the 3rd, but they kept coming and they added three more midway through the 3rd to put a comeback (and our first Sunday title) out of reach.

LOST 5-1


(none awarded)