(vol. 3W, no. 1; newsletter by h.s.)
The first game of the season and the first in our Title defense for Wednesday nights was against the Geriatrics (formerly the Ghenghis Khan). We beat them last season 1-0, but even with a full bench we seemed a bit disjointed. Fortunately for us, Jim brought his twins again (our version of “Kate Smith” singing the anthem at the old Flyers games) — the Pirates have not lost when kristin and lauren been in attendance. At the halfway mark in the first, Brian Newcomb received a beautiful cross ice pass from Dave “Cross Ice” Matthews and Bri weaved in and did a nice little deke to give the Pirates a 1-0 lead.

That score held up deep into the 3rd period despite some great opportunities by BB and Wildman. Big Jim was making key hits thoughout the night, including the "Alka-Seltzer Check of Game" when he leveled a Gerry at center ice (which had the Gerry's bench screaming). Even with Jim's big hits, the only penalty of the night was against the Gerry's late in the 3rd. On that powerplay, Russ lived up to his “99” that's on his jersey, when he raced up the ice and found a clearing at center for the glove-side slasphot and our insurance goal. Big plays by Roger and Glen (coming back on 'D' to cover) saved potential Gerry scoring opportunities, and Chris again frustrated the opposition with time clicking off by working the boards and keeping the puck away from their wingers. Although the game wasn't pretty, it was certainly ALOT better than Scott Miller's “singing” in the parking lot.

WON 2-0


For his 1st period score that turned out to be the game winner.

For the assist on the game winner and a great 3rd period.

When he wasn't laying on the ice trying to draw the penalty, Jim was busting-up the opposition.