(vol. 4S, no. 10; newsletter by h.s.)
Our second Finals appearance in two Sunday seasons, but this time we had pretty much a full roster (minus Ralz). The Jags C (featuring five "Jags A" players in their 12-man lineup) came out shooting, but the defensive combos of Dan/Russ and Roger/Dave kept them at bey. We had good digging on the offensive boards right from the start, and it was a pinpoint pass from Russ to Jimmy that gave us the 1-0 lead in the 1st period. We carried that narrow lead into the break.

The 2nd period got a bit more physical (Scooby vs. Gucci!), but we had great puck movement from side-to-side and Wildman (assist to Jimmy) put us up 2-0 — “it's a powerplay goal!” Jimmy would add his second of the night (a wrister, top shelf) on a great pass from Scott LeMatty. Nick would set-up Dan DiPierro to close out our scoring barrage, giving us the dominant 4-0 score after two.

Although we seemed to have a great lead, two quick goals by the Jags' Captain (one off a defensive zone face-off) narrowed the lead to 4-2, and started to swing the momentum. We regrouped, however, and played the final 8:00 minutes with ironclad “D” that didn't allow the Jags to gain the zone. Wildman scooped the puck off the offensive boards with about 3:30 left and scored his second of the night — a goal that visibly took the wind out of the Jags and .... WE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP! Kudos to: Roger (for remaining cool behind the net while Jags circled everywhere); Scooby (forgetting them all riled-up and off their game); Russ/Jimmy (for being a deadly offensive combo); Dan DiPierro (for his goal and two-way play that prevented critical Jag breakaways).

WON 5-2


For a 3-point Final's game.


For earning his “Wildman” nickname with tenacious play and, on the strength of his final goal, ending any Jag comeback intentions.

For owning the right-side of the ice from our blueline back and for covering when the other "D" went on the offensive.