(vol. 4W, no. 1; newsletter by h.s.)
Our debut game of the new “Winter II” season began with domination in the Gerry zone. The offense — spearheaded by Chris and Scott — piled-up the opportunities, but our first goal came at the 9-minute mark on a bouncing shot through the middle by defenseman Dave Matthews (who was sporting a 1/2 shield this game in his latest statement of head protection). Unfortunately about a minute later the Gerry's capitalized on a bouncing puck deep in our zone and got a quick shot off to tie things up 1-1.

That score held until the 2nd period, when Russ "woke up" (after a tough day at work undoubtedly) and began scoring at will. Russ would score the next four goals (he had six goals total during the entire regular season last session) — the first two were unassisted, and then Big Jim and Scott each got an assist on the last two.

Chris had an awesome one-timer opportunity in the 3rd — he connected and went topshelf, but was gloved-down at the last second. Big Jim scored our final tally of the evening off a face-off and then continued to lay-out Gerrys as he switched to offense for the final 5:00 minutes.

Other notable performances were by Glen Chambers, who was continually covering for our pressing defenseman and he also made an awesome shin-guard block in the 2nd (unfortunately it hit just beneath his padding.). Roger also diffused many Gerry strikes — he was undoubtedly still “on a high” from the great media coverage his company got in the Asbury Park Press that day. Brian Newcomb had a great performance (especially in the 3rd) and may have played his first and last Pirate game for the Winter II season — due to a contract dispute, Brian will sit out for the remainder of the year.

WON 6-1


For the GWG and the insurance goal and the other insurance goal and the other insurance goal and ...


For his goal and for supplying those really pretty (pink and yellow) pucks for us to practice with.

For his strong efforts on the boards and for continually feeding the puck to the other forwards.