(vol. 4W, no. 10; newsletter by h.s.)
Not quite the storybook ending to our spectacular playoff run. The Marlins jumped out to 1-0 lead off a one-timer at about the 11:00 minute mark and that would be the only score in the 1st period.

They continued pressure throughout the 2nd, and tapped in rebound for the 2-0 lead. We had some close calls, but couldn't seem to get to the rebounds (which were ample) or get the good bounce off the goal post. Late in the period, the Marlins expanded their lead to 3-0 off a shot after a face-off win in our zone.

In the 3rd, just when things were looking pretty bleak, Russ rifled a high shot from the red line to put us on the board. It looked like the momentum was slightly shifting and the Marlins actually called their timeout to regroup after we continued to pressure. Unfortunately, the next score went to the Marlins as they again found a man in front for another one-timer. At about the 8:00-minute mark though, Rob Armswood lasered a pass to Russ in front for a beautiful goal to again bring us within two (a video highlight of this is attached thanks to the camera work of Brian Newcomb). In a Mike Kennan-like move, Russ pulled the goalie and added the extra skater with five minutes left; unfortunately — even with spectacular sliding saves by Glen Chambers — the Marlins were able to add two emptynetters and insure the repeat

LOST 6-2


his two 3rd period goals gave us some life and briefly made the Marlins sweat.


For playing “D”and doing a damn good job — not bad for a guy w/ a broken thumb.

For capturing the whole game on video and returning to next season's lineup.