(vol. 4W, no. 3; newsletter by h.s.)
Our first meeting with the Marlins since our Finals loss a few weeks ago, had a radically different outcome this time around. It didn't take long for Jimmy Ferraro to begin the barrage as he scored from the blueline (assist to Rob) at about the 13-minute mark. Jimmy then assisted on Scott Miller's goal moments later, before scoring again on another blueline rocket from a cross-ice pass from Russ. Rob Armswood would close out the scoring for the period, giving us a comfortable 4-0 lead at the first break.

The Marlins switched to “total offense” mode in the 2nd, but the 3-man defensive rotation of Russ, Roger and Rob stalemated the constant rush. Good hustle and two-way play by Chris and Glen Chambers to cover the points proved an effective antidote against the usually high-scoring Marlins as well as key face-off wins by Glen in our zone. The lone goal-scorer of the 2nd period was credited to Roger who rifled yet another blast from just inside the blueline — through traffic — for his second score of the new season.

The 5-0 lead held late into the game when, finally, the Marlins made some roomin our zone and found Glenn Farkas (remember: on Sunday's we like Glenn, buton Wednesdays he's the enemy) alone in front for the one-timer, high stickside at the 2:40 remaining mark. With about a minute left, Russ passed into the fray and Jimmy redirected the shot to finish his hat-trick and the night's scoring. The win continued our undefeated streak (3-0) this season.

WON 6-1


For his 3 goals (only the fourth Pirate to ever get a hat-trick — he joins Rob, Russ and Scott).


For his goal and having the guts to bring his family to what could have been a disastrous game.

Brian Leetch is back!