(vol. 5W, no. 8; newsletter by h.s.)
Our the first shift, it looked liked the Gerrys were going to dominate the play -- they were controlling the puck and we couldn't seem to clear them out of our zone. After that first 3 minutes though, we got on our game, thanks in part to our full 10-man crew (which featured Big Jim Crowley back in the lineup and our good luck charms, Kristen & Lauren).

The Gerry's goaltender was outstanding in keeping the game competitive, as the lone goal of the 1st was scored unassisted by Scott. During the first shift of the 2nd period, Chris would score a powerplay goal off a Russ rebound giving us a2-0 lead. In the aftermath of that goal, a Gerry got tagged with a 10:00-minute misconduct (stickthrowing). Although the momentum was clearly ours at that point, the Gerrys made it 2-1 after they scored off a deflection from a Pirate stick (we won't dwell on this goal — in fact, let's never talk about this goal again — still, it was heartwarming to be refered to as "Patrick Roy" in the lockerroom in honor of his Game 4 Stanley Cup screwup).

We got back our 2-goal lead later in the 2nd, though, when Russ (assist to Chris) finally switched back to his "old" stick and scored. We carried that 3-1 lead into the second break.

More special teams controlled the 3rd, as Scott got his second of the night just as a powerplay was expiring; the shot was from an impossible angle that the Gerry's goalie is still scratching his head about (assist to Brian Newcomb, who was having an awesome face-off night). The Russ-Chris show had a final encore later for Russ' second of the night ... and, onto the semis!

WON 5-1


A 3-point night, including the GWG (and, in case you didn't pick up the Asbury Park Press Thursday, Chris and his wife, Diane, are quoted in a Devils story on page A3). This guy is famous!

For ur regular-season goal-scoring leader now has his eyes set on Jimmy Ferraro's 4-goal playoff record.

Although all the defensemen were superb last night and any would be worthy of a Silver Skull, Russ' 3-points on forward (from his usual post on the blueline) grabs the 3rd skull.