(vol. 6W, no. 10; newsletter by h.s.)
Last night's final outing in the Wednesday league can summed-up by this statistic: In our first 8 games we scored 15 goals (1.88 goals per game) and had 0 wins and one tie; in the last two games we had 15 goals (7.5 goals per game) and 2 wins.

Here's the recap: Brian "Nukem' 'til they Glow" Newcomb scored in the opening :16 seconds when he made a bizzaro shot from a angle that has yet to be invented (this may have deflected off a Phantom). We made it a 2-0 lead after the "Scott-Evan Miller Show" got started when Scott put one low past the goalie (when the smoke cleared, Scott and Evan had nine combined points on the night). The Phantoms gave us a taste of our own medicine when a loose puck behind our net was thrown in front and deflected in off of a certain Pirate that we won't name here (we'll just call him "Wildman"); in any case, that 2-1 score is how the 1st period ended.

Evan Miller (also known as "Joe" to most of his linemates) scored at the beginning of the 2nd (assist to Russ) to give us back our 2-goal lead, 3-1. Unfortunately Downey shot a slapper from the blueline which was redirected by a Phantom in front for the 3-2 score. A miscue on my part allowed the Phantoms to tie it up midway into the 2nd and the score stayed locked at 3-3 for a while (it should be noted that after this goal, Nick skated up to me and said "no more shitty goals." I did heed his advice ... read on). Just when it seemed things could go either way, we saw a trememdous second and third effort at mid-ice by Bri (on his knees) as he swatted the puck to Russ who got it to Scott Miller for the goal and the 4-3 lead. With only :25 seconds remaining in the 2nd, Wildman made up for the previous snafu by scoring and giving us back our insurance goal (and taking some serious wind from the Phantoms sails. Nice cliche, eh?).

The 3rd period would be more of the same as we scored three times: Scott Miller (assist to Evan); Evan (assist to Scott Miller); and Bri (assist to Evan). If you had any part of this scoring (this is straight from the official scoresheet), let me know and I'll revise the stats below. Oh, and I made one real nice save right at the end!

WON 8-3


For the hattrick (his third time as Pirate).

Our 10th man had a 5-point night, scoring twice.

For solid, hardhitting “D” (he was swatting the pucks out all night). But also for giving Nick one hell of a bruise on his slapshot — that's gotta be worth a skull.