(vol. 6W, no. 4; newsletter by h.s.)
What a diferent. Although we won the championship one month ago, we went into last night's game still seeking our first "W" of the new season.

With a full 10-man roster (Nick and Scott's brother Evan a.k.a. "Joe" filled in), we came out storming with a ton of chances and great playmaking. At the first buzzer, we were still gridlocked at 0-0.

After beginning the 2nd period with a successful penalty kill (Roger for high sticking), we supplied a ton of offensive pressure — the sound of Nick getting robbed was commonplace during a large part of this period. Still, we left the 2nd scoreless, still tied at 0-0.

Then, at 10:40 of the 3rd, the EPosse broke the tie on a 2-on-1 when they threaded a pass in front of the crease for an easy put in. A few minutes later, however, our best opportunity of the game arose when we went on the powerplay. A solid effort followed with about three shots on net, but yielded no goal. We played aggressively right down to the buzzer with the extra skater — five more seconds on the clock and we might have tied it.

It was extremely difficult picking though the nominations for Silver Skullssince the effort was solid both up and back: kudos to Wildman (blockedshots, 2-way play), Evan and Scott (great passing and scoring opportunities — must be that brother thing!); Chris (hustle, hustle, hustle); Dave, Roger & Russ (for forming a wall in front of me); and Nick (for providing highlight footage for ESPN2 with his near misses)

WON 1-0


Wow, 3 votes — thanks guys! i entered that game with a 6.33 g.a.a. so that was, if nothing else, a moral victory.

For another solid defensive effort, but mostly for standing up and blocking a point blank slapshot in the 2nd. I was even flinching when this guy wound up!

For another night of his faceoff artistry, but mostly for his parking lot performance at the “meeting” afterwards (Brian stuck Coors Light labels on his bare chest. In Bri's own words: “I got home at 3:45 am — went to jump in the shower & realized I still had one on.”)