(vol. 6W, no. 9; newsletter by b.n.)
It was a meaningless game on a day when everyone could not help but think of the tragedy of the incidents around the nation. But as Americans, it was our duty to show the world that life goes on and we were not going to hide in our basements and live in fear of cowardly acts of terror. As the game began, the two teams took a moment of silence to remember those that lost their lives in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

From the opening face-off — it seemed that our game against the E-Posse was still going on ... we seemed to be dominating the play in their end, but had no goals to show for it. The Geriatric goalie, Dan Depippa was coming up with some good plays, while our fill-in goalie (Rob Osa from the Eatontown Rink) hardly being tested. Finally at the 10:00-minute mark of the 1st (I'm guessing of course, I have no idea what time it was, but it seems like a reasonable time) our superstar center #67 took a fac-eoff deep in the Geriatric zone and won it cleanly back to Dave who rocked a shot through Dan Deppip's five-hole for the first score (It could have been top corner and it might have been through a screen, but from where I was standing all I could see was the puck hit the twine). Shortly thereafter, Russ rocketed a shot from the left point that beat Depip high for the second score and (unless someone corrects me), I believe it was our first two goal lead of the season. That goal closed out the scoring for the 1st period, but it did not close out the action. After the second goal, the Gerrys were able to mount an attack that lead to a 2-on-1 and Rob Osa was able to turn aside the shot with a nice stacked pad save (it could have been a blocker save, once again I wasn't paying that much attention, I was busy trying to skate back and help out on 'D'). In another incident, Glen Chambers decided to extract a little revenge for the infamous collision that knocked him out of the championship game by taking a run at the previously-mentioned #67. With #67 laying on the floor trying to get up, Chambers bore down on him and only a last second change of heart by Chambers — who lept over #67 — prevented what could have been an ugly scene.

The 2nd period was a blur to me, but I will tell you what I can remember of it: Roger scored a goal on an assist from Nick. Our fourth goal was Russ's second, once again a shot from the point that once again beat Depip high (assist to Glen Chambers). After the goal, I tried to skate up to Russ to congratulate him, but in one of the most bizarre celebratory actions I have ever seen — Russ took his stick & stuck it directly behind his back. Unfortunately for Russ, that stick was pointed directly at me and though I tried to stop, I was unable to do so in time and the shaft of the stick was propelled into Russ's neck or shoulder. WHOOPS! Sorry about that Russ. Obviously Russ recovered quickly because the 3rd period brought Russ his third goal of the game. The Trick. The Hat Trick. Trick or Treat. Truth or Dare. What the heck is going on here? I thought I was writing a game recap here for a 2nd!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!. ok... ok.. I've regained some composure here. Anyway, Russ's goal was unassisted, but I must note that I heard some skuttlebutt after the game that there might have been an assist to Glen or Dave (I forget, but I'm sure if you are interested, you can ask them).

Somewhere about this point, it became obvious that Nick G. was having a tough night. He could not buy a goal. Despite numerous chances, he could just not sink the biscuit. This did not go unnoticed on the bench as the catcalls began everytime Nick shot the puck ... wide ... high .... fanned on the shot ... you get the picture. In one of the most unbelievable plays of the night, Nick was standing in front of the crease with Depip sprawled — I mean sprawled out on the right side of the net. All Nick had to do was reach around Depip to score. Instead, he shot it directly into Depip's pads. Man, I have never heard louder catcalls in my life. As play continued, everyone seemed to be passing the puck well. #67 & BB had a nice give-and-go that lead to a 2-on-1. BB took the shot and the rebound was there for the taking but #67 could not sink it. Nick finally broke out on a feed from #67 to BB who hit Nick streaking in for a onetimer that finally hit the back of the net. The scoring was closed out in the last :20 of the game when #67 picked up a rebound on the left side of the net and threw it over the sprawled out goalie. Kudos to Wildman for all around hustle — he wasn't listed on the scoresheet, but he played hard.

WON 7-0


For the trick (his 4th in the Pirate uniform)

For finally ending his drought w/ a 2-point night (congrats, Nick!)

'Ol #67 assists, scores AND spears our Captain all in the same evening!