(vol. 7W, no. 10; newsletter by b.n.)
(attachments to be added at later date)
(For everyone who may have been slightly confused by this week's newsletter - the first half was written for last week's newsletter but Harris could not wait for me to finish - so he sent his own out. Since I had a half written newsletter - I reused the first half this week. I say that because last week - and Harris can verify this --I wrote the part about BB having a hat trick -- & BB went and pulled it off). I hope that clears up any confusion.) DON'T OPEN THE ATTACHMENT UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO. I figure one more week of writing the newsletter and Harris will fire me. That would be a horrible thing to do. Harris is such a heartless guy - letting someone go this close to the holidays, but as Harris likes to say, "You gotta do, what you gotta do." That's right Harris, and right now I gotta write the newsletter. I have also included an attachment which, before you open it, make sure you read the important note below:


This is the important note:(if the lines above seem out of whack, then maximize your screen so that you are viewing this page as the writer intended it. If you are not reading this, then you have proceeded at your own risk and the writer is not responsible for whatever emotional damage you may suffer as a result) - (No that was not the important note, that was in parenthesis so you should have realized that it was not the important note) For those of you that open & view the attached attachment, please note that I did not create the attachment, so I should not be held responsible for its contents. For those of you who must know, I did edit the attached attachment, but only in order to edit out the items that do not pertain to hockey. I have been forced to write this disclaimer because in a previous newsletter I wrote: "The 2nd period saw the arrival of the intrepid BB. (For the record -- there was probably less then 8:00 minutes left in the second by the time BB hit the floor). As BB arrived, our offense departed." Now some took this to mean that BB's arrival was the cause of our lack of offense. That was not what Iintended, it was just an observation of two things that happened concurrently. As another example, if I were to say that: "Crowley came and the sun set", we all know that Jim is a powerful guy, but we realize that he can't knock the sun out of the sky. Another good example would be: "Wildman stumbled in and every woman in the building ran for the exits". Well, maybe that wouldn't be such a good example because I could see that happening. So let's just stick with the first example. Before I finish though, and BB is fresh in our minds, you have to admit that BB seems to react on the rink after he thinks he is insulted in the newsletter. For example, after he read the above, he scored the only goal on the Jags B. And who can forget the other week when Harris wrote:

(From nominations. Vote early and often for your Silver Skulls!)
1) n/a 2) BB: for his goal (note: bb was dropped from the #1 Silver Skull position for leaving a full, untouched, opened bottle of Guinness when he left)." After reading this, BB went out and picked up two goals on the Geriatrics. (Kind of makes you wonder what you have to say about him to get him to score a hat-trick)[The truly bizarre thing about that statement was that I did indeed write it last week - for those of you that don't believe me - check with Harris] Where was I? Oh yeah, the attachment. Some of you guys on defense might think that I am insulting the character of the defense. Well I'm not. And just because there is a goalie in the attachment, don't take it as a knock on Harris -- even if the goalie looks just like Harris -- It is just a coincidence. So go ahead - open the attachment.


Now for this week's newsletter: What crime did we commit to warrant playing two 11:00 games in a row? In past seasons, we only played 11:00consolation games when we lost the week before. But we won last week - so what's the deal? By the way, what a difference a season makes. We opened up our playoffs last season by getting knocked out by the E Posse. Last night, we got a chance to close out the E Posse's season (yeah, I know it was only a consolation game - but no matter). The game began (I wish I could say promptly, but I won't, instead I will say) reasonably close to 11:00. Scott Miller didn't make the game, but instead send his brother Evan (or was it his cousin Joe?). The opening line on O consisted of Evan (or Joe) at left wing, #67 in the middle & BB on right wing. The D rotated the game with Roger, Crowley and the Man With Two N's. The Pirates were able to apply the early pressure and the opening line and the subsequent line of Wildman, Allen and Chris were able to keep the pressure on the E Posse's goalie. The Pirates jumped out to the early lead when #67 took the puck down the right side boards and skated into the corner, spying Evan in the crease, #67 rifled a pass to his wing. Unfortunately for the goalie, he intercepted the pass by laying his stick on the floor, I say unfortunately because the pass deflected into his net for the score. The E-Posse were able to tie the score with a goal that I did not get a good look at (or maybe I just forgot). (Anyway, according to Harris, he let the goal in so that #67 would not get the GWG. On second thought... maybe that was Harris in the attachment). The 1st period ended knotted at

The 2nd period saw a lot of up and down action, including Crowley who took a number of runs up the floor. (According to Bobby the ref, Crowley looked like Russ running up and down the rink). Harris made a key save when someone with more than one 'N' in their name tried to clear the puck up the center of the rink, the pass was intercepted and Harris made a spectacular save on a point blank shot. The line of Wildman / Allen and Chris (Is that the WAC line?) continued the pressure into the 2nd, but could not catch a break. Score at the end of the second remained 1-1.

The 3rd period saw the emergence of BB. (Please remember what I wrote in the opening was written last week - I guess it was a good thing it didn't go out because it probably would have jinxed him). His first goal of the night came when someone at the blueline (I think it was Roger) fired a shot, #67 redirected the shot as it may have been going wide. As the goalie sprawled reacting to the original shot, the puck was deflected into the air. BB, standing to the side of the crease, was able to bat the puck out of the air (yes his stick was below the crossbar) for his first goal of the night. On a later shift, #67 took the puck near our own bench and hit BB who was skating full speed across the red line. BB was able to shed the defenseman that was with him and went in all alone on the goalie. BOOM. Just like that he had his second goal of the night (and second of the period). The E Posse did not let up, and continued with pressure of their own. Harris was on top of his game and was able to turn aside all attempts. Perhaps the best save on 'D' was made when Harris made a sprawling save on the left side of the net. The puck then ended up sitting in the crease with a mass of E Posse looking to tip it in. Before any of them could react - Crowley grabbed the puck and fired it to the boards. BB then put the icing on the cake when he completed his natural hat trick when he grabbed the puck at the blue line and fired it into the net.

WON 4-1


For showing up on time. (and for the freakin' hattrick. note: bb ended-up with 6 post season goals — 2 more than any player during the regular season.).

For being one of the first guys to pay for next season. (oh, and for his 3-point night).

From an email “once again he played a great game with a lot of hustle. Was all over the rink, making plays at both ends.”