(vol. 7W, no. 7; newsletter by b.n.)
The regular season came to an end this past Wednesday night ... Or was it Thursday morning? It doesn't matter. Kind of like the game the other night -- in the grand scheme of things -- it really doesn't matter. The season is over and all that matters is the next game. If we win the next game -- we continue on in the playoffs. If we lose ... well ... we won't go in to that. While we are on the subject of things that don't matter, Harris reported last week that a certain player was leading the team in scoring going into the final game of the season. Harris followed up that by pointing out that that same player was a mere 4 points from the all-time regular season scoring record. --- Talk about jinxing someone.

Since we are still on the subject of the season's scoring title, I was contemplating the importance of the fact that the Pirates have enough depth that a different player leads the team in scoring each season. Then I realized, who am I kidding? The only reason Russ didn't lead the team in scoring this season was because he missed half the season -- Nick and Scotty also missed games, otherwise one of them would have ended up on top. But, as I mentioned earlier, none of that matters. The season is over, and the only thing that matters is who picks up the game-winning goal in next week's game. Will it be Russ, picking up the puck in his own end, weaving though multiple opponents & scoring high on the glove side? Perhaps it will be Jim Crowley cranking one from the blueline? What about Wildman scoring in a shoo out? (well, let's not push it). Whoever it turns out to be, I think I speak for everyone when I say, as long as it is not Roger banking one into his own net -- I'll be happy.

Now for the recap: I really and truly tried to come up with something unique or funny to do this week -- but I just couldn't do it. I really wanted to cover the exploits of the Buttercup line, but Buttercup was a no-show (which probably cost Buttercup the scoring title -- but I guess to some people, there are some things in life that are more important than hockey). So, since the game didn't matter, I guess the recap isn't really that important either. But ... before I do that, I need to cover something that has bothered me since I read last week's newsletter. I made the following comment: "The second period saw the arrival of our intrepid captain." For some reason, Harris had a little trouble understanding this. What did that line mean? Well, according to my copy of the Webster's New World Dictionary the word 'intrepid' is defined as "bold; fearless; very brave." So when I say that Russ is our intrepid captain, I mean that he is our very brave captain. (And for those that were paying attention last week -- he did show up after the start of the game {which, as with Nick, probably cost him the scoring title for the regular season). While I am on the subject of Harris bashing, I must ask the following rhetorical question (Harris, if you don't know what a rhetorical question is -- it is when you ask a question for effect, with no response expected). Why is it that a roller hockey team was featured in lastSunday's paper and it was not the Coastal Pirates? How does that happen? (If you don't know what I'm talking about I'm not surprised -- nobody reads the paper anyway).

Now for the recap: Did I mention that it didn't matter? The game started after 11:00.
We played the Jags B. They had Bob the ref on their team. They wore white. We wore black.
They scored first. We scored second (Scotty passed it to Russ who hit Chris in the crease for
the score). Then they scored again, Then we scored again (Wildman hit Scotty who scored from the blueline). Did I mention that it didn't matter? The 2nd period saw the arrival of the intrepid BB. (For the record -- there was probably less then 8:00 minutes left in the second by the time BB hit the floor). As BB arrived, our offense departed. We had some chances -- but the puck was not going our way. The Jags may or may not have scored a couple goals in the 2nd. By the time the game was over though, it was 6-2 (including an emptynetter). But hey, it didn't matter..

LOST 6-2


For continued great hustle and a sweeeet one-timer goal (the brace ain't slowing this guy down!)

Although scott couldn't get the scoring title, he led the Pirates in goals (4) this season.

For asking if anyone else wanted the last Pabst before he sucked it down.