(vol. 7W, no. 9; newsletter by h.s.)
Getting a full roster for an 11pm game is tough. Getting one for a consolation game is tougher. We did both, so the rink threw us a curveball by giving us conditions that bordered on dangerous as moisture seeped through the floorboards and made for some slippery skating.

Here's the recap: Big Jim became the first victim of the aforementioned conditions as he immediately swooped-up a puck in our end and went racing down the ice, fired a shot on net and then slammed into the far boards "Wile E. Coyote"-style. Fortunately Jim was okay — so okay in fact that he soonafter made a great outlet pass to Russ for our first score of the night. Jim (who had wheels that night!) would feed Russ once again in the 1st to give us the 2-0 lead. Meanwhile in the defensive end, Glen Chambers was doing a brilliant job at being the "last man standing" and batting pucks away from an Gerry that fought off the other Pirates and still managed to keep their balance. At the end of the 1st, we had a secure 2-0 lead (Russ nearly had the 1st period hattrick when he was breaking out at the end and Wildman fired a cross-ice pass, but Russ thought twice about reaching back in those treacherous conditions).

We added two more goals in the 2nd: the first from BB (assist to Scott Miller) and the next to Wildman (assist to Russ). During the 3rd period we netted yet another pair: the first from BB again, when he attempted a drop pass, but ended up picking-up his own pass and scoring; and then Russ finished off the night's scoring when he put a puck topshelf with a little Nintendo-style "spin-o-rama" move that completed his hattrick (assist to Wildman).

Bobby (the ref) gave us a bit of scare when he dressed for the Gerrys in the 3rd, but the nice onetimer he set-up was stopped by Patrick Roy (although, I should point out that the real Patrick Roy probably doesn't have Roger standing over him yelling "It's under you, don't move! Don't move!!!). All in all, a great game under lousy conditions.

WON 6-0


For his 4-point night which included a hattrick. Not bad for the birthday boy who turned the big 3-0 on Friday.

For a 2-point evening (one Pirate called his style of play “fearless,” another wrote he deserves a Skull for his “every game hustle” and that “any chance to give Wildman a Skull he will get my vote.”)

For unreal “D.” as a teammate wrote, “I think that one is obvious as well, he played an awesome game.” Another email said it was “one of Glen's best games.”