(vol. 8S, no. 2; newsletter by h.s.)
'Twas the last game before Christmas
and all through the rink,
Not a player would imagine
the Pirates would stink.

They had beaten the Flyers
just two weeks before,
In a Title game that had gone past
regulation and more.

But even with their new patches
sewn onto their arms,
the absence of Dave and Ralz
gave the team some alarm.

But they gathered their lines
and they took to the ice,
with Roger on offense
to lend the lines spice!

On Wildman! On Scott!
On Glenn Farkas too!
On Chris with his brace
and, of course, Scooby-do!

But at the end of the First,
on that very cold night,
the Flyers had twice turned-on
the Pirates' goal light.

And so began the Second,
this battle at the Shore,
by fifteen minutes later,
the Flyers added six more.

A one-timer first,
then one off my knee,
their offense was too fast
-- even for Dan Pomphrey!

Losing by eight,
none of this made sense,
We switched Dan DiPierro
to play on defense.

And for the last period
we gave up no goals,
but an eight-nothing lose,
still merits no Silver Skulls.

But remember my friends,
we can all have a bad game,
It's the parking lot "meeting"
that keeps us all sane.

Yes, Wildman bringing
his egg nog with rum,
and Roger his three folding chairs
that seat some.

Have a great New Year's eve,
don't drink too much Schmidts,
and we'll see all you Sunday guys
at the rink on Jan. Sixth!

LOST 8-0


(none awarded)