(vol. 8W, no. 10; newsletter by b.n.)
The lights went out on the Coastal Pirate season this past Wednesday. Both literally & figuratively. But before they could the Pirates were able to take advantage of their new goalie Steve “Tommy Sal” O. For a team that played the week before with two goalies, all they could scrounge up was their Captain who had never stepped between the pipes before. The Gerrys jumped out to the 1–0 lead. Then #67 picked up a loose puck in our zone & pushed it up to BB who skated it all the way for the score. Then Tommy Salo misplayed a loose puck in front of his own net and #67 was there to slam the "gimmie" home. (Even Depip would have saved that puck). Then Russ grabbed a loose puck and fired from the blueline for the score. A final tally came when #67 took the puck off the faceoff and fed Scott Miller for the score.

The Gerrys managed one more tally when Harris (thinking he was in the Olympics and trying to make the breakout pass) came out to the blue tried an ill-fated pass up the middle which was picked up by Gerry ruffian Bill Notley who easily threw it in the net before Harris could get himself back in the net. Then with about 9:00 minutes to go the lights went out. We waited hour for them to warm up again. Just as we were ready to go back on, they went out again.



(none awarded due to incomplete game)