(vol. 8W, no. 2; newsletter by b.n.)
Final Issue. Yes, this is the final issue of the newsletter for this year. (No games next week for those of you that are paying attention). That is unless of course, I carry through with my plans for an all encompassing "Year In Review" issue for next week. What plays / events had the greatest impact on the team over the last year? (Send your responses to Was it that infamous game with the Geriatrics when Harris let that slow roller slide right past him for the score? Or was it the time Roger scored on Harris? (Yeah, I know there was more than one time -- just let me know which time was the most memorable). All Wednesday games over the past year are eligible - you can also include the WTC benefit if you want ... But don't include the Sunday highlights - send them to Harris & he can generate his own "Sunday Year in Review." Remember, send your nominations to -- if I don't get anything then there will not be a bonus edition of this newsletter next week.

Now for this week's newsletter: Since this is the last newsletter of the year (I am predicting in advance that there will be no "Year In Review" issue), I thought to myself: What will my New Year's Resolutions be? Will I resolve to economize my wording of the newsletter so each issue comes in under 500 words. Not Likely. Will I resolve to only say nice things about other members of the team? Don't bet on it. Will I resolve to get the newsletter out not later then the Thursday following the game? Hah! That's a good one! Nope, no resolutions so far, but I'm certain that by the time I finish, I'll have a few lined up. OK, so now I'll get to the newsletter.

Our second game of the season (and our second & last 7:00 game of the season) found us playing our bitter rivals, the Jags Alphabet Soup. Unlike last season, when B teams were limited to only 2 "A" players on the roster, this season it is anything goes. When we surveyed the bench just before game time they had more "A"s then an Aardvark at the Continental Airlines Arena. But we can handle that, after all, we once took the Jags A deep into the 3rd before we lost 3-2. But then, we had Russ in that game. Unfortunately for this game Russ was a healthy scratch (we hope).

The opening line on "O" consisted of "BB," Chris & #67 with Roger, Crowley and Glen rotating on "D." For my first resolution I would resolve that next season I will concentrate more on face-offs. Man, from the opening face-off until sometime midway through the 3rd I seemed to lose more than my allotted face-offs. Look for that to change next season. Other than the face-off issue, the Pirates played hard, but it was the AlphaBetaJags that jumped onto the scoreboard in the opening minute of the 2nd period. Frequent parking lot "meeting" visitor Mark Andras picked-up a loose rebound that was sitting on the goal line and buried it. Before the 2nd was out, they would add another one to make it 2-0. The scariest part of the night is the subject of my second resolution. I resolve not the pass the puck to Chris. (Just kidding) But seriously, Chris took a pass that just got away from him -- he chased the puck into the corner and shortly thereafter there was a major THUD and then a blood-curdling scream. (I had to head for the bench because I thought for certain that Chris's leg had just been ripped from his body). Fortunately, the only visual damage that Chris incurred was the wheel that was sheared off just below the centerline. As for the stuff you can't see, we'll just have to wait for the MRI on that. Just about the same time, Wildman arrived and the "O" lines were jumbled with Wildman jumping in between Allen and Scott. Dave (fortunately) was sent back to serve on "D."

At the end of the 2nd period, we climbed back into the game when Scotty took a face-off pass from Chris (who was really sucking it up) and tangled the twine. That is the period ended with the score of 2-1.

The 3rd period was not a good period for the Pirates. Scoring wise anyway. The AlpaBetaJags got 3 quick goals in the 3rd. They happened so fast that I can't remember which order they occurred in. #67 remembers one though, he was beat cleanly on a face-off in our own zone. The puck went directly to the Jag at the center of the blueline who fired it into the net. One of the others was straight out of the 'Mighty Ducks' movies when Grinburg fired a "knucklepuck" from the blueline sideboards. The puck fluttered, twisted and dropped into the net. I forget the other goal. The Pirates would not be discouraged though, and managed to settle down after that goal was scored. The Pirates were able to score the next tally when 'someone' passed the puck to Glenn in the crease who buried it for our second goal of the night. (I say someone because on the official score sheet #67 got the assist, but in discussing matters with Wildman and Glenn, I'm fairly certain that the assist goes to Wildman. There were a number of glorious chances in the 3rd, on one occasion, Wildman took a puck to the right of the faceoff & went in on the goalie. The shot rang off the crossbar -- I was skating right behind him and I was certain that it was in. Unfortunately, the goal judge did not share my opinion and the call was "No Goal." Another great chance was when Chris had a shot to the right of the goalie, but the goalie made the save; the rebound then came right to Allen who tried to lift if over the goalie's shoulder, but he shot it just a tad too high and the shot went over the net. Glen also had a great chance when he took a feed from the face-off and fired from the blueline. The puck deflected straight up off the goalie's shoulder and looked like it was going to drop in behind him. Unfortunately, the puck landed on the top of the goal and the whistle blew to stop play.

My final resolution? I resolve to not pick on Harris's goaltending next year. With all the pressing that was taking place, Harris was called on to make a stop on a 2-on-0 breakaway. Harris made the original save, but as he tried to get to the rebound, Roger inexplicably fell on top of him. They looked like two giant sauropods trying to lumber to the loose puck, but it was not to be. One of those AlphaBeta Jags finished the play. And the game.

LOST 6-2


His scoring touch returns? Scott has 3 goals in the first two games.

For surviving — and returning in force — from that scary hit.

For not injuring Harris the two times he fell on him. And his usual steely composure on the blueline.