(vol. 8W, no. 3; newsletter by b.n.)
Happy New Year. It's never too early to start thinking about the playoffs. Especially this season when four teams fail to qualify for the postseason. Sure, we have two games against the Gerry's, but if we don't win some other games, we are in trouble (as a side issue, if you find yourself playing on another team against the Gerry's you may want to '"throw" the game to improve our playoff chances, but like I said, that is another issue).

Week 3 of the season found us up against "The Marlins." For those of us paying attention, the Marlins team consisted of a number of players from the AlphaBetaJags that we played the previous week. We seemed to be up to the challenge only down 1-0 exiting the 1st period.

Then something happened in the 2nd. There was a point where 3 goals were scored in a span of less than three minutes. Before we knew it, we were down something like 5-0 going into the 3rd. We had some chances, most notably Wildman who had some great shots in close, but we just couldn't convert.

We seemed to settle down in the 3rd, but the damage was already done. Russ had a great chance in close, but clanked the post. The Marlins were able to tally another on a power play ... The only saving grace came when #67 hit Russ with a "Hail Mary" from deep in our own end, Russ took the pass at the opposite blue line & broke the shutout.

Perhaps the most telling incident came late into the "meeting" in the parking lot. A visit from one of the "AlphaBetaJags/Marlins" players opened our eyes to the task at hand. It seems our friend on the "AlphaBetaJags/Marlins" was very happy with the way this season's playoffs were organized. To him, it was not fair that a team could coast through the regular season and then turn it on for the playoffs. To him, it was much better to have a team like ours eliminated so we don't surprise them in the playoffs. After those comments, I was very happy that I hid the last remaining "beverages" when I saw the man approaching.

LOST 7-1


(none awarded)